10 Year Plan

Hi there,

Once I hit 25 I decided my youth was over. And, let’s face it, it probably was. I much prefer napping to…well..anything, I’d rather wear my pajamas (or nothing) around the house than get dolled up and go out, and I’ve starting to use the phrases like ‘dolled up’ and ‘back in my day…’.

However, I also decided that the next 10 years are going to be some pretty amazing years. The next 10 years will see me have babies, get married, and become an accredited psychologist. If I’m lucky, I’ll also become an Aunty once or twice (or thrice or more!). I’m also lucky enough to have parents that are still quite young so, barring any accidents or disease, they should still be alive and kicking when I reach 35. I’ll also buy a house, and a car, and get a dog (or 2..). I’ll also go on a couple of holidays and see the world.

Now, my depression and anxiety often has me restricted to looking at the next day in order to survive. 10 years?! How am I supposed to look at the next 10 years when I don’t even know if I can survive the next 10 minutes?!
However, as part of my journey of recovery, I decided that looking at all the good things to come isn’t such a bad idea. In looking ahead, I also decided I needed a plan (albeit, a flexible one) for the next 10 years.

Enter my 10 year plan/level 10 life. Here are my 10 goals per section for the next 10 years of my life.

– Buy a house
– With at least 20% deposit between my partner and I
– Buy a car
– Earn 1k per week
– Have $50,000 in savings
– Put money towards my super
– Put aside enough money so 6 months’ worth of expenses are saved
– Purchase an investment property
– Be able to afford at least two holidays overseas
– Accept the need to be frugal during down times
– Flip a property

– Finish my Masters in Education
– Work as a teacher
– Have a range of lesson plans at my disposal
– Get a job at my children’s school
– Foster an environment that encourages love of learning, acceptance, and kindness
– Join and participate in groups of other educators
– Work towards my Psychology Masters
– Complete free courses to improve my teaching
– Have a second source of income
– Work on transferable skills

Fun and Recreation
– Go to Fiji
– Go to New Zealand
– Go to Hawaii
– Go Go Karting
– Play Laser Tag
– Skydive
– Create a YouTube Channel
– Have a weekend away at least once a year
– Fly in a hot air balloon
– See the Northern Lights (and get a cheeky bum photo in front of them)

– Have a baby
– Have another baby!
– Get a dog
– Host a Christmas at ours
– Take kids to Western Australia to see family
– Skype with mom at least once/fortnight
– Skype with pop at least once/fortnight
– Touch base with dad at least once/fortnight
– Keep in touch with siblings
– Catch up with friends once a month (at least)

Romantic Relationships
– Hear “I love you”
– Say “I love you” as often as I want/can
– Get engaged
– Get married
– Go on a honeymoon
– Go stargazing together
– Keep the romance alive
– Encourage and compliment my partner regularly
– Go camping together
– Keep track of our adventures through photos/journalling

Health & Fitness
– Be 100% vegan
– Be a healthy weight (BMI)
– Climb Bluff Noll
– Get regular massages
– Walk regularly
– Squat regularly
– Sit up regularly
– Buy one of those mattresses/bed bases that move
– Have a proper pillow!
– Eat 2 fruit and 5 vegetables a day.

Spirituality & Self Care
– Talk about God with my children
– Pray with my children
– Get Baptised
– See a sunrise and sunset on the same day
– No longer need medication
– Develop and maintain a nightly routine
– Develop and maintain a morning routine
– Track Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
– Continue to track wellness to better understand myself and needs
– Practice self-care as part of my everyday life

Personal Development and Growth
– Be fluent in at least two languages other than English
– Participate in a martial arts program
– Learn origami
– Learn sign language
– Learn to code
– Read all the books on my ‘100 books to read in 10 years’ list (coming soon!)
– Khan Academy
– Ted Talks
– Work out an ideal schedule, track it, and try to adhere to it
– Figure out my ‘high’ times and ‘low’ times in terms of productivity and utilise them efficiently

– Sponsor a child
– Pay for someone else’s groceries
– Give blood regularly
– Pay for someone else’s petrol
– Tip people! (this is not common practice in Australia, but I’ve always wanted to start)
– Support GoFundMe’s
– Support Kickstarter’s
– Fund Kiva loans
– Donate to charities
– Buy surprises for my family and send them to them

Physical Environment and Self
– Have a tea collection
– Get my broken finger fixed
– Get my scars minimised
– Get a large world map and display it on the wall
– Have a world globe
– Hire a cleaner to come through once per week
– Maintain a clean environment
– Set up my classroom to induce positivity and learning
– Have indoor plants
– Update interior regularly to keep things fresh (A change is as good as a holiday!)

Bonus! This section isn’t included in the level 10 life usually, but I opted to create this section after I realised there was a need for it in my life. It only has seven goals in it at the moment, but I’ll add any as they/if they arise.

– Pedicures
– Manicures
– Laser Hair Removal
– Hair – Professional wash and blow dry once a month
– Skin care routine
– Facials
– Teeth whitened

So there we go! This list makes me excited for the future and I hope you find some inspiration in here.


How to Save Money

Hi there!

Today I’d like to share with you my list of money saving tips. I’m not currently earning very much money, and will be going back to study soon, so I’ve been thinking (stressing) about finances. So here is a list of things I’m going to do over the next few months to try and save money!

  • Shorter showers!
    • I love my showers, but I honestly need to stop showering for so long. Our water bill isn’t too high, but I’d like to get it lower.
  • Meal plan
    • We currently budget $150 a week for food, but I’d like to bring this down as well. Planning my food for the week will help me know what exactly to buy.
    • Additionally, make meals and freeze them.
  • Bake more
    • I bought a donut yesterday for $6! It was vegan, so it was worth it. But I feel that if I get back into baking, I can create my own goodies for the week for less than what I spend on biscuits, chocolate’s, and treats.
  • Turn things off
    • I don’t know how much electricity keeping my laptop on non-stop uses, but it can’t hurt to turn it off. Same goes for lights – if I don’t need them on, they’re being turned off. Additionally, we keep our toaster and kettle turned off at the switch unless it’s in use.
  • Don’t buy takeaway
    • I’m the laziest person when it comes to food – so I often use uberEats. This is an unnecessary expense that I’d like to remove.
    • On a related note, use the code ‘eats-gabbyp954ue’ for $10 off your uberEats order!
  • No spend February!
    • This will be hard. But it’s the shortest month of the year, so it’s probably the best month to attempt it in.
    • I will still be spending money on rent, groceries, and bills.
  • Get back into taking surveys.
    • I use the site ‘Opinion World‘ to complete surveys for rewards. It doesn’t provide a huge amount of money, but, honestly, every bit counts at this point.
  • Go minimal on the makeup
    • I’m sure some primer and a small amount of foundation will suffice. I have a few contour/highlight kits, blushes, and lipsticks, all of which I can use to spice things up a bit – but mainly, I want to use less foundation to stretch it out a bit.
  • Try to sell some of my clothes
    • I plan to give a lot to woman’s shelters. But I’d also like to make a little bit of money if I can.
  • Sell my car
    • We are currently trying to do this now. I won’t get very much for it, but, as I’ve said before, every bit counts.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! Even the smallest amount of savings help.

Until next time,


Level 10 Life – 2017

Hi there,

Like most people, I stumbled across the ‘level 10 life’ courtesy of Boho Berry.

For those who are unaware, the Level 10 Life is based off of the novel ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. Essentially, you divide your life into 10 areas, rate how you feel about each area on a scale of 1-10, and then make goals to get each area to level 10.

The 10 areas are predefined by Hal as being: Family & Friends, Personal Development & Growth, Spirituality, Finance, Career & Business, Marriage, Fun & Recreation, Giving & Contribution, Physical Environment, and Health & Fitness.

For the most part, I didn’t modify these. However, I changed ‘Marriage’ to ‘Romantic Relationship’ and used ‘Physical Environment & Self‘ and ‘Spirituality & Self Care‘.

While Level 10 Life goals often refer to the future, I specifically opted to create a list of 10 goals for each of the 10 sections, for the year 2017. That’s right, 100 goals for the year!

My goals are as follows:

Family & Friends

– Visit family at least once (My family lives in a different state)
– Head to Sydney in April for a friends wedding
– Drinks at ours (We’ve been meaning to have some people over for drinks since we moved in last year!)
– Skype my pop at least once per fortnight
– Skype my mom at least once per fortnight
– Message dad at least once per fortnight
– Catch up with Liz (A friend I made on the Bumble App!)
– Have more contact with my siblings (All 8 of them).
– Catch up with Isi (another friend I made on the Bumble App)
– Buy something to memoralise my nan

Personal Development & Growth

– Create a motivation playlist
– Read ‘Daring Greatly’
– Begin learning a new language
– Affirmations
– Read ‘You can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought’
– Read ‘Worry Free Living’
– Read ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’
– Read ‘The Power of Doing Less’
– Learn Geography! (Countries/States)
– Cook!

Spirituality & Self Care

– Wellness Tracker
– Create a self-care list
– Accomplishments list
– Gratitude list
– Replace ‘should’s’, ‘have to’s’, and ‘musts’
– Keep a prayer journal
– Minimise time spent on Facebook/Instagram
– Monitor/Track Schema’s and work towards overcoming them
– Habit Tracker


– Follow budget
– $700 for a friends wedding in April
– 50% of fortnightly income covers bills etc.
– Challenge Centrelink debt
– Decrease amount spent on phone
– Find a bulk billing doctor
– Complete tax return on time, including claiming work uniform
– Save, but don’t be afraid to treat yo’ self (AKA don’t be so strict that you’re not enjoying what you earn).
– Save 5k this year.
– Invest more into Acorns

Career & Business

– One semester of study (honours/masters)
– Advocate change at work
– Become fluent in the menu, including prices
– Set work hours/availability
– Try to work weekends when possible
– Stick it out as best you can but;
– Find a new job if you need to
– Finish Kounta
– Learn to make coffees
– Learn close

Romantic Relationship

– Don’t go to bed angry
– Tell my partner when things start going wrong
– Out to eat once/month
– Weekend away
– Find and organise pictures of us
– Avoid jumping to conclusions
– Spend Easter, Christmas, and New Years together!
– Don’t pick fights; talk!
– Swallow pride and apologise
– Watch Suits together

Fun & Recreation

– Reread Harry Potter
– Place a bet at the casino
– Go to an AFL game
– Go ten pin bowling
– Start a blog
– Learn some card tricks
– Make own stickers
– Blog post 1/week
– Use/decorate my notebook/planner
–  Play Cards Against Humanity

Giving & Contribution

– Give blood
– Give clothes to a woman’s shelter
– Donate to an animal rescue
– Support a Kickstarter
– Fund a Kiva loan
– Send flowers for Mothers Day
– Sign up to be an organ donor
– Keep complimenting strangers
– Support moms school charity
– Send out Christmas Cards

Physical Environment & Self

– 5 minute cleans
– Mini Makeovers
– Clean/organise desk & file > maintain!
– Capsule wardrobe
– 6orless
– Laser hair removal
– Display degree
– Maintain a clean environment
– Strive to keep work dining area up to scratch at all times
– Minimise unnecessary objects and clutter

Health & Fitness

– Get to 48kgs
– Stretch
– 1800 calories/day
– Drink water (1200ml/day)
– Get to 50kgs
– Do my squats
– Track my macros
– Get to 55kgs
– Minimum 90% vegan
– Get skin spots checked

I didn’t really rate each area on a scale of 1-10. Most of them would be pretty low, except Romantic Relationship which would probably be the only one over 5! So hopefully I can use these goals as a way to boost each level to at least a 7 by the end of the year.

Stay tuned for my Level 10 Life/10 Year Plan.